The Long Road Home

Having spent three wonderful days with Jim and Karen in Chelan, the goal is now to get home! However, we are not willing to drag the camper for 16 hours one day and 14 the next, so it will take us a few days.

Day 1: Chelan to Heyburn State Park (near Cour d’Alene)

This was a pretty easy drive, and we were in our site by 2:30. Although it was 90 degrees out we decided to take a bike ride. I ended up doing 26 miles along the lake and up into the hills. It was all beautiful.

After the bike ride I was a bit hot and worn out, so dinner was left-overs. Pizza and pork satays did the trick very nicely. We had stopped at Costco in Spokane to pick up a few supplies, including a box of Kirkland Pinot Grigio. It is great, and went very well with the warmed up pizza. Camping tip: Pizza warms up great in a frying pan! You can get the crust crispy and with a loose cover over the top the cheese gets melty before the crust burns.

After dinner we decided to watch By the Sea starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Here are some tips for watching this movie:

  1. Do not drink before hand or you will feel guilty.
  2. Do not watch this movie while reclining.
  3. Visit the island of Malta before watching this movie.
  4. Make sure you have plenty to drink before watching this movie.
  5. Set the timer on your TV to automatically turn off after about 60 minutes. You will be asleep and there is no need to have anything from this movie wake you up after that.
  6. Do not watch this movie. There is not dialog, no action, no plot.

Day 2: Heyburn SP to Lewis & Clark Caverns SP

It is awesome to sleep in the camper with the windows open and the heat off! We woke up early this morning and after coffee we were on the road by 8:15. This is not our longest day but we have a good 6-7 hours of driving and we lose an hour going from PDT to MDT.

The Lewis & Clark campground is a nice Montana State Park about 6 miles off I-90, right across the road from the Jefferson river. Yes, they paddled up this river on their way to the Pacific. It is in a beautiful little valley and much more scenic than the RV parks right along the freeway! We’ll do that tomorrow anyway.

After a long day in the car we thought a hike would be good, but it was 89 degrees and everything from the camper is a climb! the best sounding hike was over 1000 feet elevation gain. Not a good thing when you have gone from sea level to nearly 5000 feet already. So we did part of it just to stretch our muscles from sitting in the car all day.

Now we are having a nice happy hour in the shade outside the camper and getting ready to grill some Salmon and Shrimp! Although it just thundered in the distance as I was typing that last sentence. So we may need to deploy the awning to keep dry while grilling! We have no internet tonight and are out of bad movies downloaded to the iPad. But the Ranger just came by to let us know that there would be an Entomology presentation at the amphitheater tonight.

Day 3 - to Miles City Montana KOA

Our first storm in the camper! We started happy hour outside with the fan and the lawn chairs in the shade of the 96 degree heat. But then the bugs came and we moved inside. I happened to look at the forecast and saw heavy rain staring in 30 minutes. The radar had plenty of red heading our direction, so we quickly put away the chairs and the fan and now we are watching the wind howl and feeling the camper rock a bit! We are still connected to the pickup so that gives us a bit of comfort. The trees all around us are cottonwoods so that fact that they are dropping small twigs on us is not a surprise.

A few hours later... The rain has passed and the temp has dropped. We will take off in much cooler weather in the morning.